A Few Hints For Buying A New Mac

Looking to get yourself a new computer? Or perhaps one for a student?

The unboxing is sometimes the best part.

Fortunately, this is probably the best time of the year to upgrade. With new Macs being announced in the next few weeks, Apple is clearing out its old inventory, so usually there are bargains to be found. Many Apple-authorized retailers slash anywhere from $100 to $200 off the price to encourage sales.

In addition, Apple is also offering a carrot to college students (and those who buy laptops for college students), free AirPods! If a free pair of AirPods isn’t enough to sway you, I noticed that Apple is lopping $100 off the price of a MacBook Air.

But what computer do YOU need?

July 22, 2020 – SoNo Apple Store

For the average student, an off-the-rack MacBook Air will suffice. $899 (last time I looked) and a free pair of Apple AirPods sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. (If you don’t want the AirPods, there’s always eBay or Facebook tag sale groups.) And since a lot of work is done (and saved) online, there’s no need to spring for all sorts of internal storage. (Unless the aforementioned user is big into movies, TV shows, music or takes lots of pictures.)

For the rest of us? The standard model of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or the iMac will do the trick. The same internal storage situation goes for this group, and unless you’re into editing audio, video or large graphics files, the standard 8GB of RAM is fine. And if you’re a professional graphic artist, well, you know what to ask for when it comes to the specs of a new Mac.