Are You Using Yesterday’s Wi-Fi Today?

Has your wireless network (Wi-Fi) hardware been sticking around a little too long? When was the last time it was refreshed? In case you haven’t gotten out much lately, the deal is that in 2021, “mesh” is the way to go!

A router like this one is ancient history…

Don’t know what a mesh network is? Find out here! Now – with more work-at-home/school-from-home business happening, a stronger, greater-covering wireless internet connection is mandatory.

OK, so what’s involved in getting a mesh network? Is it complex? Hard to set up? Will it work with all my stuff? Does Apple make a mesh Wi-Fi? (Sorry, Apple is no longer in the networking game…)

In short, yes, it will work with your stuff. Unless your stuff includes an Ethernet-connected printer that’s old, maybe a couple of decades or so. And the mesh system replaces all your existing network hardware, routers and extenders. Everything except the modem.

Welcome to the 2020s.

Buying a mesh Wi-Fi network is easy – all of the big retailers stock them. There are a number of brands – and so far, all of them seem worthy and reasonably simple to set up. That’s because the way they’re configured  – is by downloading an app to your smartphone. Yes, it’s simple enough (so says the tech guy!) – but there are a couple things to know:

The average mesh network covers around 3000 – 4000 square feet – so larger houses should get a model with greater coverage.

You have to reconnect EVERY device that’s attached to the internet to the new network. That includes phones, tablets, streaming media players, smart TVs, Sonos units, alarm systems and such.