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Learning To Love Zoom For Your Virtual Meetings

The big name of the moment in online conferencing is Zoom. I would wager that most of us have used Zoom recently, or at least heard of it. So, what is Zoom?

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software du jour.

Zoom is online video conferencing software. It allows any number of participants to meet via audio and/or video. Like many similar products, there is a free version and a paid tier of services. You can easily download it for your computer (link at end of article) or from App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

There are similar products out there. FaceTime, Apple’s video conferencing software is great for friends and family members who have the required Apple ID and have signed in to it on their computer and/or iOS device. Skype is another one, but ever since it was brought under the Microsoft umbrella, it hasn’t been updated and is clunky. Furthermore, Microsoft seems to ignore it, strange for such a prestigious tech firm.

But back to Zoom. Yes, I’m fully aware of the security issues surrounding it. Some of these have been remedied by software patches available through updates, and I would think there are more to come in the near future. So, if you already have it on your Mac, you should update it before your next use, as the software doesn’t seem to proactively alert you that it needs an update.

So, if you already have it on your computer (it sits in the APPLICATIONS folder, at the bottom if you’re sorted alphabetically), it’s easy to update. Launch it, then pull down on the ZOOM menu – upper left corner of the screen – and select CHECK FOR UPDATES… (You’ll need your computer’s admin password to proceed with the installation.)

But – should you use it? I would say “yes.” Unless you’re handling the nuclear codes or reading through sealed indictments, there’s no need to buy into the scare of this issue. But be smart about using Zoom. Check for updates on a regular basis, make sure the meetings you join (or instigate) require a password and remember that anything that is said or seen on the screen can be captured for posterity. That said, in these uncertain times Zoom is a good choice for any type of online meeting.

If you don’t have it yet, download Zoom HERE.


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One thought on “Learning To Love Zoom For Your Virtual Meetings
  1. susie salomon

    My grandkids got me all ZOOMed up, Chris! We (15 of us) get together every Sunday evening!
    Bless those nerdy guys years ago, at Harvard, figuring out the internet, while everyone else was tossing frisbees around! They are helping us stay connected, and keeping us sane these days!
    And thank you too, for much the same!


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