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The Best Way To Buy A New iPhone (In These Uncertain Times, Anyway…)

Are you looking to buy a new iPhone?

This email promotion from AT&T showed up in my inbox. Personally, I have a new iPhone 13.

Yes, it’s a bit tougher in these COVID-19 times, because getting to the store is more of a chore then it’s been in the past and supply chain issues might make the wait a bit longer than it should be, but there’s really nothing that any of us of can do about that right now.

Of course, there are always offers from your wireless carrier (like the one to the left from AT&T) that come and go quickly, so that’s one option. (More on that below.)

OK, here’s a few things to consider: First, decide what model you want. Again, a tough one if you don’t feel like shopping in person, but this is more a matter of what physical size you’ll be comfortable with. Today’s models range from the SE’s 4.7″ screen (measured diagonally) to the 13 Pro Max’s whopping 6.7″ screen. If you don’t want to go into a store and see how each model feels, find somebody who has an iPhone you like the size and feel of and go from there. And then there’s the choice of internal storage i.e. how much stuff you can actually carry around with you. Plus, there’s the color, which shouldn’t really matter much, because the majority of the iPhone will be obscured by a protective case.

How much capacity do you need?

Well, that depends on what you like to keep on your iPhone. Lots of music and podcasts? Photos galore? Do you like to keep your text messages forever? Then go for the larger capacity. A good rule is to decide how much space you need on your iPhone, and then bump it up to the next level. Or the one above that.

Where do you buy it?

Don’t forget to buy a case!

Apple’s site is a great place to start, but it’s not the only game in town. There’s also Best Buy (which is an authorized Apple dealer) which sells iPhones (and other Apple products) at the same price that Apple does. And then there’s your wireless carrier – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, et al. Those companies constantly have promotions going on for new iPhones, some of which involve trading in your old model and some that require paying for the new phone in installments and some that do both. Which can be a pain in the neck, but sometimes that’s how they do it. As is my advice for most of your tech spending, doing your homework to see what type of plan best fits your needs, budget, and personality, is key.

Oh yes, Optimum has a cell plan, but personally, I don’t think I would trust it to handle my cell service…


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