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What The New Apple Products Mean To You

On November 10th, Apple gave its THIRD product announcement in the past two month. Looks like Apple wants you to want its new technology.

Updates were given to the Apple Watch, the iPad, two new iPhones (12 and 12 Pro) and most importantly, a new of Macs. What’s notable about this new breed of animal is that, for the first time in a dozen or so years, Apple computers are going to sport a new processor, the in-house developed M1.

´╗┐So, without getting too geek speak about all of this, the new computers are touted to be superior to anything out there. Of course, Apple conducted (with great fanfare) another “event” to present this new technology to the world. To see an edited version of event, click here. If you’re brave (or bored) and want to see the entire 48-minute presentation, click here.

As far as software goes, all of the native Mac applications going to be compatible. As far as other popular packages go – namely Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite – new versions are in development. So, if you’re looking to buy one of these new Macs, confirm that any software packages you plan on using are going to be compatible with the new hardware and the Big Sur operating system. Otherwise, you’ll have a great new computer that won’t be able to run your vital software.


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